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Premium Quality Polyurethane Composite Doors

-Advancer Inc.’s Composite Doors are made of a combination of polyurethane (PU) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). 

-Each door begins its journey inside of a mold, and the result is  a solid rigid form, simple and elegance that is strong, durable, and stable.

-The primary advantage to a solid, one-piece molded design is that there are no joints to fail, thus enhancing the structural
integrity of each door.

-Solid, rigid form also allows wood working such as drilling, sanding, trimming, cutting, nailing, screwing, and routing.

-Composite material is highly resistant to warping, shrinking, cracking, splitting, rotting and expanding problems.

-It does not take on or lose moisture, and it is inherently stable in adverse weather conditions. 


-Naturally, the thermal efficiency of our Composite Doors will allow savings in energy consumption.

-Polyurethane Composite Material includes LVL (laminated veneer lumber) that runs through entire door structure, creates the strongest and insulated body.

-Our PU Composite Doors have a high density compared to industry competitors.

-Between 22 to 26 pound per cubic feet.  

Industry's Wood Door Cutaway

Wood Door Corner Sample

Industry's  Fiberglass Door Cutaway

Fiberglass Door Corner Sample

Advancer Inc.'s Premium PU Composite Door Cutaway

PU Composite Door Corner Sample

-All of our PU Composite Doors are made with Triple layer temper glass, and Low-E Glass for best insulation in the industry.

Our glass designs have a variety of glue chip bevel, granite, glue chip, rain glass and more. 

-​There are 12 step oil finishing process which will show the best finishing value and performance in the current exterior door industry.


-Easy handling that can be installed by one person.

-Ease of assembly at the building site, creating shorter construction schedules.

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